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Resource Recovery Quality Assurance Specialist in Stockton, CA at Genesis Networks

Date Posted: 9/19/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

RESOURCE RECOVERY is the selective extraction of disposed materials for a specific next use. The Resource Recovery QA Specialist performs services to ensure that regulated waste at client's facilities is properly handled, containerized, accumulated, packaged and disposed of. The QA Specialist performs a variety of operational tasks related to non-hazardous and hazardous waste materials management which include waste control, safety, waste reduction/material conservation, environmental protection and reporting

  • Identify and separate disposed materials in accordance with California State regulations and client’s procedures.

  • Identify non-compliant material and take proper course of action.

  • Maintain collection areas in accordance with California State Regulations and client’s procedures.

  • Keep receptacles secured to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Move materials as needed. This may involve use of pallet jack, dollies and other necessary equipment.

  • Conduct inspections of receptacles and accumulation areas to ensure requirements are followed.

  • Order new accumulation containers as required.

  • Initiate pickup request when receptacles are at capacity.

  • Maintain a detail log as instructed by supervisor.

  • Report exceptions to Supervisor and Client management.

  • Assures Methods and Procedures used in inspecting, identifying and correcting conditions are strictly followed as determined by Operations management.

  • Responsible for storing and securing all GATC and client’s tools, materials and equipment.

  • Responsible for daily inspections of all equipment including but not limited to operations, effectiveness and cleanliness.

  • Conduct daily inspections of landfill bound trash dumpsters for regulated waste that were previously sorted by RRS staff.

  • Report findings from inspections to supervisor upon finishing inspection.

  • Additional QA responsibilities:

  • Conduct and document site audits; number of required weekly audits set by operations management

  • Assist Operations Supervisor (OS) with daily workload as assigned by OS.

  • Check TimeForce or current RRS timecard system to verify all assigned RRSs have clocked in and are on site performing duties.

  • Contact any RRS that is not clocked in or on site to obtain status and immediately inform OS with status and arrival time or if RRS will not make it in to work.

  • Assist OS with back-up plan for assigned sites if RRS fails to cover shift(s)

  • Cover RR sites as needed.

  • Assist OS in training new and current RR staff.

  • Assist OS with daily NOP (network one portal) entries if required by OS.

  • Help OS analyze deviations and implement plan for reducing number of deviations at assigned sites.

  • Responsible for maintaining maximum number of monthly deviations set by operations management at assigned sites.

  • Conduct interviews for RRS positions, if required by OS.

  • Be able to travel to assigned sites.

  • Maintain a professional appearance.

  • Keep all Genesis and AT&T electronic devices secure from theft at all times.

Job Requirements

  • Excellent verbal and written communication.

  • Proficient with MS Office Suite (Work, Excel, PPT, Outlook).

  • A valid driver’s license, proof of insurance & reliable personal transportation is required.

  • Must be punctual, dependable & flexible; W/E, Holidays and additional hours may be mandatory as needed. 

  • Required to adhere to all safety policies and procedure at all times, including but not limited to wearing

    hard-toe shoes or boots and all PPE (personal protection equipment).

  • For payroll, possible mileage reimbursement and time tracking: Must agree to GPS tracking system.

  • Ability to Stoop/kneel/crouch/reach/stand/walk/sit for extended length of time.

  • Ability to lift 25lbs+, use pallet jack, adjusts to weather climates as needed.

  • Must be able to use a hand held sorting/grabbing tool to inspect dumpsters.

  • Must be able to climb stairs and/or step stools.

  • Satisfactory background check & drug testing is required.